Apple Cider Vinegar Pills: Do They Help You Lose Weight? 

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    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez
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    Updated on 12/3/2022

    The mania around apple cider vinegar (ACV) is not an exception to the rule that diet trends come and go regularly. Some people believe that if you consume a tiny quantity of apple cider vinegar or take it as a supplement in the form of apple cider vinegar tablets before meals, it can assist in reducing hunger and aid in the fat-burning process. You are probably aware that eating even a little apple cider vinegar has the same effect as consuming pure acid. If you take apple cider vinegar pills, the vinegar is dried and placed inside a capsule or tablet, allowing you to avoid the vinegar's unpleasant taste. You may get all the health advantages of drinking apple cider vinegar by swallowing pills instead of drinking it, which will keep your esophagus from getting burned.

    In concept, it's a sound plan, but in practice, it won't be that easy. According to an initial interview that Leslie Bonci, RD, the proprietor of Active Eating Advice, gave to Women's Health, "Because vinegar is acidic, some people aren't able to take it all that well." She says that people prone to stomachaches or digestive difficulties such as inflammatory bowel disease may find the vinegar to be particularly bothersome.

    apple cider vinegar pills

    But the fact is that there is a minimal amount of research to back up the claims that either ACV or the tablets will assist you in losing weight. Regularly consuming apple cider vinegar might also lead to undesirable side effects such as acid reflux, bloating, and a reduction in potassium levels. The following information, provided by professionals in the field of medicine, should answer any questions you may have regarding the efficacy of using apple cider vinegar tablets for weight reduction instead of drinking the vinegar directly.

    What Are Some Of The Possible Advantages Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

    What Are Some Of The Possible Advantages

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been formulated in tablet form since the substance is thought to have several health benefits. Note, however, that these advantages are exclusive to vinegar and not tablets. According to a new analysis, apple cider vinegar may have the potential to have some beneficial effects on levels of blood glucose and cholesterol. It may consequently lessen the risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses.

    According to Sonya Angelone, RDN, who specializes in nutrition and dietetics, apple cider vinegar may assist digestion for individuals with lower stomach acid levels. "Someone with low stomach acid will feel as though the food lingers in their stomachs for longer or they feel bloated after eating," she explains. "Both sensations are common in people with low stomach acid." Drinking water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to it and then drinking that water with your meal is one possible cure.

    What Are The Purported Advantages

    However, this one is a bit more roundabout than the others because some individuals believe that ACV can help battle a sore throat. According to Ayesha Cheema, MD, a primary care physician with Mercy Personal Physicians at Columbia, "apple cider vinegar has good bacteria that are thought to enhance the immune system and help with allergies." Apple cider vinegar "has good bacteria that are thought to enhance the immune system and help with allergies." Therefore, this could assist if you are prone to developing seasonal throat discomfort. Still, it probably won't help as much as practicing proper hand hygiene and taking allergy medicine as directed by your doctor. According to Mia Syn, RD, ingesting vinegar on its own can be detrimental to the dental enamel, irritate the throat, and induce indigestion in specific individuals. "Since the acid is no longer coming in close touch with the throat or dental enamel, using apple cider vinegar in tablet form may be a better choice," she says.


    If you have heard that apple cider vinegar may help treat yeast infections, then you should know that this urban legend is only half accurate. "No scientific evidence exists to support apple cider vinegar is effective at combating yeast overgrowth in the human body," says Amy Roskin, MD, JD, a gynecologist and the chief medical officer at The Pill Club. "While some research has shown that apple cider vinegar can inhibit the growth of Candida in a laboratory setting, there is no evidence to show that apple cider vinegar is effective at combating yeast overgrowth in the human body," she adds.

    Because of this, Dr. Roskin emphasizes that it is essential not to rely on do-it-yourself therapies such as apple cider vinegar to cure a yeast infection. "You should specifically steer clear of any topical use of apple cider vinegar in the vaginal area, such as putting it in a bath, since this can cause burning and irritation," she explains. “Do not apply apple cider vinegar to other body areas.” Because of its antibacterial qualities, apple cider vinegar can be beneficial in treating acne; however, it is essential to dilute the vinegar before applying it to the skin. Because it removes product buildup and smoothes the hair's cuticle, apple cider vinegar may also be used as a hair rinse to enhance shine. According to Dr. Cheema, it can even help maintain the natural pH balance of your scalp and fight dandruff.

    What Are The Purported Advantages Of Taking Tablets Made From Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Tablets Made From Apple Cider Vinegar

    Acetic acid is found in apple cider vinegar. According to Syn, research shows that this acid may be responsible for some of the alleged health advantages of vinegar, including managing appetite and reducing weight. On the other hand, a microscopic study has been done on the benefits of apple cider vinegar tablets. Not apple cider vinegar tablets, but liquid apple cider vinegar and its active component, acetic acid, are the foundation for the purported health advantages of apple cider vinegar, many of which are described above.

    Therefore, it is impossible to predict if these dietary supplements will have the same benefits or function in the same manner as the liquid version. In addition, most of the data supporting the positive effects of ACV comes from research conducted on rodents like mice and rats. The implications of these results for human beings are not yet entirely understood.

    Okay, So Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Probably Do Not Have Any Advantages Established At This Moment. But Even If We Did Attempt Them, Would It Be Risky?

    Okay, So Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Probably Do Not Have

    It is generally believed that apple cider vinegar in liquid form is safe (except for irritation and even nutritional deficiencies if taken to an extreme), so some people may think that apple cider vinegar in pill form is also safe and convenient. However, only the liquid form of apple cider vinegar has been investigated in the limited research conducted on the substance, not the tablet version. Therefore, in all honesty, nobody can say for sure whether or not they are secure. According to Vanessa Rissetto, RD, co-founder of Culina Health, taking any form of supplement is considered a "buyer beware" situation, and using ACV tablets is no different than taking any other supplement. She argues that because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, consumers have no way of knowing what exactly is included within them. "They may indicate that there is apple cider vinegar in there, but research has shown that with supplements, it is often the case that it is not the exact levels, or even what they claim to be delivering,"

    Syn provides the following recommendation for those thinking about incorporating ACV pills into their routine: "The suggested dosage of apple cider vinegar tablets may be similar to what appears to be safe in liquid form, which is roughly one to two teaspoons daily."

    When It Comes To Weight Loss, How Do The Pills Stack Up Against Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Weight Loss, How Do The Pills Stack Up

    Research on ACV has primarily been conducted on animals (such as this rat study, which found that it decreased blood sugar and insulin levels) or in a small number of people, so any health-related claims lack a strong foundation. It is unlikely that taking the substance in tablet form or drinking it in liquid form would significantly impact your weight or your health.

    Despite this, it is essential to keep in mind that at least the vinegar has been investigated and that for a product to be sold in a store, it must be following FDA requirements. Although there is no evidence that it provides genuine advantages, what you are getting is clear. On the other hand, Pills are in a legal category that is not very well defined or controlled. It is unknown what they can or cannot achieve. (Most likely nothing, but thanks to the vinegar in its purest form, we have a better sense of what's even conceivable.)

    Should I Be Concerned About Any Potential Adverse Reactions To The ACV Tablets That I Could Experience?

    ACV Tablets

    "Diabetics should avoid them, as they may lower their blood sugar levels," advises Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, author of the book Eating in Color. "Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding—or anyone under the supervision of a doctor—should also steer clear," she adds. "Although I wouldn't recommend ACV pills for anyone, there may be actual risks for certain groups of people."

    A study found that people who drank breakfast beverages containing 25 grams of apple cider vinegar reported significantly higher levels of nausea than those who did not. Another case study found that ingesting a large amount of apple cider vinegar over a long period (six years in this example) might cause your potassium levels to drop, which is not a healthy thing at all and can cause twitching or weakening in your muscles.

    Are You Still Interested In The ACV Pills? Consider The Following Recommendations As A Bare Minimum.

    Are You Still Interested In The ACV Pills

    It is hellishly tempting to imagine that losing weight may be as easy as popping a few vitamins, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Rissetto maintains that there is no "wonder medication" that may cause rapid weight loss. apple cider vinegar pills need to be tested on human subjects to determine whether they are effective.

    Largeman-Roth agrees, stating that taking ACV tablets is, at the very least, a waste of money. She notes that the cost of an organic apple cider vinegar bottle of 16 ounces is about $4.99, whereas a bottle of 60 tablets costs between $16 and $18. "I would advise going with the genuine vinegar if you are a healthy individual interested in determining whether or not apple cider vinegar is beneficial to you in any manner. You may use it on salads or incorporate it into smoothies, and both options are available.