Best Mediterranean Diet Snacks

    Mediterranean Diet Snacks

    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez
    Nutritionist/Dietitian Professional Guide

    Updated on 12/3/2022

    Are you looking for a method to eat that is not only nutritious but also very fulfilling and delectable? The most recent issue of U.S. News & World Report suggests that you adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world (and it's also the diet that's simplest to stick to!) Check out this brief introduction to the Mediterranean diet and my recommendations for the best snacks to eat on the Mediterranean diet snacks, if you're not already acquainted with it. You may put your faith in the fact that this nutritious eating style does not feel like a diet. You are going to find that all of the delicious selections are wonderful.

    What Exactly Is Meant By The Term "Mediterranean Diet"?

    Mediterranean Diet

    After analyzing more than 40 different diets now available, the United States News and World Report has determined that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest for 2019.

    This is neither a fad diet nor a fast cure for reducing weight makes me want to strike the term "diet" from the sentence entirely. It's not just a diet; it's a whole way of life, and I much like to refer to it as "the Mediterranean way of eating!"

    To summarise, eating the Mediterranean way entails, at its core, focusing more of one's food consumption on the broader base of the pyramid that represents the Mediterranean diet (below). This entails the consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, spices, nuts, and healthy fats such as olive oil. Always refer to them as "fundamental foods." Then, fish and other seafood, about every other week. Portion sizes of dairy products, eggs, and poultry should be kept to a minimum. Lastly, portions of sweets and red meat should be limited.

    On The Mediterranean Diet, What Kinds Of Snacks Are Allowed?

    Mediterranean Diet Snacks

    Now, to answer the topic of the day: what kinds of snacks are allowed to be eaten on the Mediterranean diet?

    Again, the Mediterranean diet pyramid is the key to addressing this issue. Find some snacks appropriate for the Mediterranean eating style, focusing mainly on the foods at the bottom of the food pyramid. Foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables, as well as dairy products such as fat-free yogurt and other nutritious dairy alternatives every once in a while.

    Choose a small number of dried fruits such as dates, figs, or dried apricots if you are looking for something on the more sugary side.

    All of these are beautiful possibilities, and each one can be improved to create a wholesome and delectable snack. A few straightforward suggestions are coming your way.

    Mediterranean Diet Snacks Ideas

    1- Nuts And Dried Fruits

    Nuts And Dried Fruits

    Nuts are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, protein, unsaturated fat, and omega-3 fatty acids due to their high nutrient content. A fulfilling snack may be made with as little as a handful of unsalted almonds (about two tablespoons). In addition, when you are craving something sweet, add a few figs or dates, or a tiny handful of raisins, to the mixture for an additional boost of energy and nourishment.

    2- Fruits And Vegetables

    Fruits And Vegetables

    Even while the hashtag "eat the rainbow" is now popular on Instagram, a balanced diet should have always included a variety of fruits and vegetables. The fresh flavor of fruits and vegetables makes them ideal choices for snacking on when following the Mediterranean diet. Fruits and vegetables provide various health advantages, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

    A small banana is a popular snack. On the other side, my go-to choice for a cheery, mood-boosting alternative is a few pieces of citrus fruit or a handful of berries.

    When looking for something savory, my go-to ingredients are tomatoes and avocados. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest sliced tomatoes and cucumbers or sliced avocados drizzled with Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with za'atar, a spice mixture of Mediterranean wild thyme and toasted sesame seeds. If you have tried this before, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you feel you need a tiny sprinkle of feta. You may achieve the same result with summer squash, bell peppers, or any other vegetable of your choosing.

    Baked zucchini chips are a tasty treat all three of my children enjoy eating together. You can prepare these in advance and always have some on hand!

    3-Legumes, Such As Beans And Chickpeas (Yep, HUMMUS!), Etc


    Because they are high in fiber and have a relatively low amount of fat, legumes and pulses might help you feel satisfied for a more extended period.

    Additionally, if you are following a Mediterranean diet, you most certainly include beans and pulses in a good portion of your meals. However, if you are starving, they are also fantastic to consume as a snack.

    Small portions of hummus and vegetables, or a slice of toast made with good grains, are two of my favorite snacks. Or how about this delicious white bean dip?

    If, for example, you have some leftover chickpea egg salad or balela salad from the day before, a little quantity of that will be more than enough to satiate your appetite in the afternoon.

    A delicious snack would be a handful of roasted chickpeas with some harissa or za'atar. It is coming soon: the recipe!

    4- Greek Yogurt

    Greek Yogurt

    As well as having fewer sugars than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium and vitamin B12. Additionally, it includes living cultures, commonly known as probiotics, which have been shown to have a variety of positive effects on one's health, including the ability to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. In addition, the high protein content will keep you feeling full for a more extended period.

    A decent choice for a snack is plain Greek yogurt that is either fat-free or low-fat, combined with a little amount of fresh fruit and served in a serving that is no more than five ounces in size. Make an effort to track down some organic Greek yogurt that has been adequately trained and is, of course, plain. Some producers add a thickening ingredient to yogurt, eliminating the health advantages that yogurt would otherwise have.

    5- Olive Oil With Za'atar And An Early Harvest Snack

    Olive Oil With Za'atar

    This Eastern Mediterranean snack is slightly unconventional but in a good way. It calls for using high-quality extra virgin olive oil, za'atar, a blend of toasted sesame seeds and wild thyme from the Mediterranean, and a small amount of whole wheat pita or your preferred whole grain crusty bread.

    The concept is not exactly unheard of in and of itself. Have you ever taken a slice of bread and dipped it in olive oil? Surely you have. All you have to do is stand here. Take a tiny piece of the bread, about the size of a bite, and dip it first in the olive oil, then gently in the za'atar spice.

    Now, I'm going to give you a bit of a shameless advertisement, but this truly is the most severe advice I can provide. You're going to want to use high-quality components if you're going to make this EVOO and Za'atar snack. Our all-natural za'atar spice and our Early Harvest Greek extra virgin olive oil, made from olives that have been produced and processed organically, come highly recommended by me. The Kotsovolos Family Estate in Christianoupolis, Greece, is known for producing a prestigious extra virgin olive oil called Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil. This is the real thing; the flavor and the quality are superb.

    Two Very Important Remarks

    Mediterranean Diet Snacks

    There are two things left to mention here.

    Consume a lot of water during the day. It has been hypothesized that most of us consume food when we should be drinking. We often mistake the symptoms of moderate dehydration for hunger.

    People in Mediterranean countries don't snack too often during the day. Even if you are snacking on nutritious foods, tracking how often you are doing so and how much you are eating is crucial. If you would like guidance on the number of Mediterranean diet snacks or the quantity you need, I cannot do so. You will be able to understand it better with the help of an expert or your physician, but I cannot do so without their assistance.