The Best Ways To Use Green Tea And Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Weight

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    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez
    Nutritionist/Dietitian Professional Guide

    Updated on 1/30/2023

    I have good news for you if you have been making yourself drink green tea and apple cider vinegar to get rid of those extra pounds. There is a widespread belief that drinking green tea and apple cider vinegar may assist in weight loss; however, there is not much evidence to support either of these claims, whether taken alone or combined.

    Neither treatment is a panacea; even if they produce a slight improvement, you will still need to adjust your diet and exercise to get rid of the excess weight. If you want to lose weight, talk to your primary care provider about starting a healthy weight reduction diet tailored to your preferences and discussing any supplements you already take.


    You consider your weight reduction healthy when you burn more calories than you consume. The use of green tea and apple cider vinegar will not, however, result in miraculous improvements.

    The Evidence That Helps You Lose Weight

    Lose Weight

    Review research conducted in December 2012 and published in the Cochrane Database for Systematic Reviews reviewed the evidence about the use of green tea as a supplement to assist with weight reduction. A study published in Obesity concluded that drink tea may lead to weight loss; however, this effect is relatively small and not statistically significant.

    People often use apple cider vinegar for weight reduction, even though very little data suggests that it is effective. The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine published research in March 2013 that employed apple cider vinegar as part of a reduced-calorie diet that also included a regulated supplement program. This study included apple cider vinegar as part of the diet.

    The research participants took many additional supplements in addition to apple cider vinegar, which means that it is impossible to evaluate whether or not apple cider vinegar had any impact on the individuals' weight loss. However, the subjects did lose weight.

    The Role Of Tea And Vinegar In Your Diet

    Green Tea And Apple Cider Vinegar

    Both green tea and apple cider vinegar do not contain any calories. Because of this, they may assist you in lowering your calorie consumption if you offer them in favor of meals or beverages that are higher in calories, such as soda or specialty coffee drinks. Vinegar made from apple cider provides taste to meals without contributing any additional calories. You may use it as a salad dressing, to create pickled vegetables, to give flavor to the meals you prepare with grains, or as an acidic component in the marinade you make for meat.

    Consume a cup of ordinary green tea in the middle of the day, either in the morning or the afternoon, to help manage your urges for unhealthy eating and cravings. Because drinking the hot beverage is time-consuming, it may help keep you engaged until the next time you eat.

    Potential Side Effects

    Green tea and apple cider vinegar

    Green tea and apple cider vinegar both can cause their own individual set of adverse effects. Because of the vinegar's high acidity, it may be difficult for specific individuals to tolerate it. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar has been shown in a case study published in December 2012 in the Dutch Magazine for Dentistry to be capable of wearing away tooth enamel.

    Tannins, found in green tea, are thought to produce nausea, while caffeine, also found in green tea, is believed to cause sleeplessness. Green tea use should also be discussed with your medical professional owing to the possibility of herb-drug interactions, including those that may occur with anticoagulants, some forms of pain medicine, and iron supplements.

    Get Rid Of It The Proper Way

    Green tea and apple cider vinegar

    It is not known definite whether or not drinking green tea, and apple cider vinegar can assist you in losing weight; nonetheless, making adjustments to your calorie balance via changes in food and physical activity would be beneficial. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a weight loss rate of one pound per week or fewer is considered a healthy weight reduction rate. A healthy pace of weight loss may be achieved by creating a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories by eating less and exercising more.

    Aim to exercise as much as possible by using the stairs, parking at the far end of the lot, or taking three 10-minute walk breaks throughout the day. In addition, eat a diet full of low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Your efforts to lose weight will be more successful if you engage in consistent physical activity that consists of cardiovascular and strength training. Feel free to let us know if you want to try the green tea and apple cider vinegar together.