Does Lemon Water Break A Fast?

Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Updated on 2/27/2024
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In this article, "fasting" refers to a period during which a person abstains from eating for religious, health, or other reasons.

Because your body is undergoing electrolyte fluctuations, it is very vital to stay hydrated when you are fasting.

When it comes to maintaining proper hydration, water is the gold standard; however, there are alternatives, such as lemon water that some individuals prefer. You may be curious about does lemon water break a fast.

Although it is usually okay to drink lemon water while fasting, this advice may vary depending on whether or not the lemon water includes any other substances and the reason you are fasting.

This article addresses the specific issue of whether or not it is possible to break your fast by drinking water with lemon in this article.

The Nutritional Value Of Lemon Water

lemon water

lemon water

There are hardly any calories or nutrients in a glass of lemon water, and a drink with 16 ounces (470 mL) of liquid is:

  • Calories: 9
  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Sugar: 1 gram
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Protein: 0 grammes
  • Fat: 0 grams


Because lemon water has little quantitative nutritional value, it is almost identical to water without calories.

Is It Okay To Drink Water With Lemon When I'm Fasting?

lemon water

lemon water

Consuming any amount of food or drink that has calories will technically break a fast. Despite this, the human metabolism is a complicated system that does not function like an on-off switch.

In all honesty, consuming ordinary water with lemon, which has a little calorie content, is not likely to break your fast.

Comprehensive research, including 1,422 people who were fasting, allowed them to have herbal tea with honey and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. While ingesting these drink tea, the individuals could maintain their ketosis levels, which often indicates that one is fasting.

However, if you are trying to break a fast, adding things to your lemon water that contain calories, such as sugar, will cause you to break the fast.

Why Do People Choose To Fast?

Consider your fast's purpose before deciding whether or not to drink water with lemon.

When you're trying to lose weight by fasting, you're allowed to consume a relatively large number of calories in tiny amounts throughout the day.

Even if you are ingesting very few calories while fasting, you should still be able to lose a significant amount of weight successfully. There are fasting regimens that permit as much as 800 calories each day.

However, if you are fasting for reasons related to your health or religion, your calorie tolerance may be significantly reduced. These fasts occasionally require that very little or no calories be consumed.


In most cases, drinking plain water with lemon will not break your fast; nevertheless, you should ensure that no sugar is added to the water.

Alterations In Fasting Schedules Are Yet Another Element To Take Into Consideration

lemon water

lemon water

There are several approaches to fasting, and each one adheres to a particular set of guidelines. It depends on the fast whether or not you're allowed to drink lemon water.

Intermittent Fasting

The practice of cycling between times of eating and fasting is known as intermittent fasting, becoming an increasingly popular strategy. This method is performed for the most part to facilitate weight reduction.

Although there are many variations of intermittent fasting, their common goal is to cut down on the number of calories you consume daily or weekly.

Compared to more conventional approaches to weight management, the evidence suggests that this eating pattern offers no significant advantages; nonetheless, some studies suggest that this eating pattern may improve weight loss when followed regularly.

During an intermittent fast, drinking nothing but water with lemon is okay.


The Islamic holy month of Ramadan involves a sort of fasting broken up into shorter periods.

Those who celebrate this festival do not consume any food or drink throughout the daytime hours of the lunar month that it takes up each year.

The daytime hours are spent without consuming any food or liquids, making this fasting one of the most stringent types. Because of this, drinking water with lemon during fasting time is prohibited.

Medical fasting

To prevent any difficulties from arising as a result of your fasting in preparation for medical treatment, you must strictly follow the regulations that have been established.

You may be permitted to consume clear drinks up to a few hours before an appointment, depending on the circumstances.

It is vital to verify with your healthcare provider to discover whether or not any foods or drinks are permitted during your fasting period. During this time, you will need to abstain from eating and drinking.


Intermittent fasting, religious fasting (such as during the month of Ramadan), and medical fasting are the most prevalent forms of fasting. Each type of fasting may be as stringent or relaxed as the individual needs it to be.

Several Varieties Of Lemon Water

lemon water

lemon water

The impact of drinking lemon water on your fast is determined by the kind of lemon water you consume and the number of calories it contains.

Any beverage with more than a handful of calories per cup (240 mL) will most certainly cause you to break your fast, and this can be an excellent place to start as a general rule of thumb.

  • A fast cannot be broken with only water and lemon.
  • Drinking lemon-herb water won't break a fast if it's low in calories.
  • If no sugar is added, lemon-flavored water with artificial flavoring will not break a fast.
  • As a result of the sugar content, drinking lemonade will break a fast.
  • As long as it has a low-calorie count, drinking diet lemonade will not break a fast.

It is crucial to check the nutrition information panel on a pre-packaged lemon water beverage to evaluate whether or not it is suitable to consume during a fast. This will tell you how many calories and sugar are in the liquid.


There are several variations of lemon water available. Your fast will be broken if you drink liquids made with lemon water that also include sugar, such as lemonade. It is essential to check the nutrition facts label on pre-packaged lemon water drinks to discover the number of calories and sugar they contain.

The Bare Essentials

Does lemon water break a fast? In fasting, one refrains from eating for a certain amount of time for various reasons, including medical treatment, religious observance, or weight reduction.

The majority of the time, drinking simple lemon water will not cause you to break your fast due to the minimal number of calories it contains.

However, some drinks containing lemon can have added sugar; thus, studying the nutrition facts label is crucial to figure out how many calories are in the product.

Additionally, you need to study the criteria for the fasting method you want to use.

Last but not least, before beginning a fasting routine, it is highly recommended to consult with a qualified medical practitioner, particularly if you already have an existing health issue.