Natural Water Pills Diuretics for Water Retention

Natural Water Pills Diuretics for Water Retention


  • Diuretic pills - Diuretic supplements come in many forms but few can stand up to our herbal supplements formula with Potassium chloride vitamin B6 Buchu leaf ACV Corn silk Green tea extract and more
  • Water retention pills - Our water pills for women and men offer upset stomach relief kidney support and more by getting your body’s natural processes moving more efficiently for a cleansing result
  • Natural water pill - Go natural with your whole body cleanse with amazing ingredients with our apple cider vinegar powder vitamin mineral and cranberry pills designed to flush your system quickly
  • Kidney support - Give your kidneys some love with our full body cleanse formula designed to balance and regulate fluid retention in the body with a non-gmo herbal supplement with potent botanicals
  • Premium Quality - Rest assured that Phytoral health supplements utilize only the finest herbal ingredients like dandelion leaf and green tea to provide you with better results you can feel good about

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon are the effects noticed? I have been taking for several days and still have sausage fingers

for the first several days I took 2 pills a day & now I only take 1 & they work really well . I am not taking any prescription meds now

How to use this product ?

I take one pill in the morning before I begin my day and one in the evening

How big are the pills?

Bout the size of a fiber pill in a clear gelatin shell. Just a bit larger than a Tylenol. Not horse pill, very easy to swallow with large multi-vitamins.

Do they have an expiry date ?

Yes, the expiration date is on the bottom of the bottle.