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    Updated on 12/3/2022

    Jason Fung intermittent fasting (Science Of Living Longer & Reversing Type 2 Diabetes)

    Live Your Life To The Fullest, For Longer, And In Better Health

    The author Deepak Chopra, of Indian and American descent, once said, "Because we build ourselves every day, it is never too late to build the bodies we desire instead of the ones we think we're stuck with." If we are constantly building new versions of ourselves, then it is never too late to start fashioning the bodies we envision for ourselves. According to Brian Wansink, the perfect diet is the one you don't even notice you're following until it's too late.

    Several studies have shown that the foods we eat regularly play a significant role in influencing both our physical health as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing. That is because of the connection between what we eat and how our bodies function. Not only that, but the length of time we spend partaking in activities may also affect how our bodies work.

    Live Your Life To The Fullest, For Longer

    If we can obtain more information on the kind of meals we should eat and the times of day we should eat them, we will be one step closer to enhancing our health. It has been shown to offer some remarkable health benefits, such as the reversal of type 2 diabetes, improvement of mental health, promotion of weight loss, and even a possible reduction in the risk of developing cancer. Eating well and practicing intermittent fasting are two of the most effective ways to achieve these health benefits.

    My conversation with Dr. Jason Fung, who is generally recognized as one of the preeminent authorities on low-carb diets and intermittent fasting, took place on Monday of this week. I was honored to have this opportunity. This interview had to be broken up into two sections since we had such an exciting conversation, and I couldn't choose between the two options. The practice of intermittent fasting, the prevention of cancer, and the subject of whether or not we ought to take vitamins and supplements are discussed in Episode 1,030, which you are strongly encouraged to listen to to get knowledge on these topics.

    It is a great pleasure to continue our chat with you today by presenting the second half of our discussion. The knowledge included in this book, which is crammed to the gills with helpful material, will significantly assist your life and health in several important ways.

    Who Is Dr. Jason Fung?

    Who Is Dr. Jason Fung?

    Nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung, MD, who practices in Toronto, is widely regarded as one of the preeminent specialists in intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate diets. Dr. Fung has published several articles and book chapters on these topics. In addition, he is the author of several publications, including The Diabetes Code, The Obesity Code, and The Complete Guide to Fasting, all of which have achieved widespread success. In addition, he is the creator of the program known as Intensive Dietary Management and a co-founder of the method known as The Fasting Method.

    After receiving his medical degree from the University of Toronto and completing his residency at the University of California in Los Angeles, Dr. Jason relocated to Toronto to begin his profession as a kidney specialist. He started his career in Toronto after completing his education. Dr. Jason began working with patients to help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes and obesity, risk factors for developing renal disease. He also began working with patients to help prevent and control hypertension.

    Initially, he advised his patients to follow more conventional treatments, such as following a diet low in fat and calories and engaging in regular exercise. However, he quickly realized that these traditional treatment methods were not truly assisting his patients in reducing their excess weight and improving their overall health. When he got to that point, he chose to think about things somewhat differently, and he stuck with that decision.

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    Dr. Jason and his close friend and business partner developed the Intensive Dietary Management program and the Fasting Method. Megan Ramos, to assist their patients in efficiently reducing weight, avoiding obesity and type 2 diabetes, and remaining free of kidney disease. They started noticing real impacts in the individuals they were treating, and now they are beginning to find that fasting can help reduce the likelihood of developing cancer in humans.

    Dr. Jason has great trust in the capability of intermittent fasting to aid clients in losing weight, lowering their blood glucose levels, reducing the amount of medication they use, and improving their overall health. His work positively impacts thousands of people worldwide, and now he is sharing his knowledge and experience right here on The School of Greatness in the second segment of this episode!

    In this interview,   Dr. Jason Fung takes a look at how our mental health may affect our physical health, the three most important things he's learned about living a healthy life, and why intermittent fasting may be beneficial to athletes. You won't want to miss out on this opportunity at any cost and believe me when I say that this is one you will not want to miss out on.  

    How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Via Fasting 

    intermadet fasting

    During our discussion, Dr. Jason revealed a shocking statistic: that more than half of the population in the United States is impacted by prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

    "Diabetes type 2 accounts for around ten to fifteen percent of all cases of diabetes, and it is estimated that 30 and 35 percent of the population has prediabetes. If you ingest an excessive quantity of sugar, your body will find a method to store it all, but once it does, who will distribute the sugar evenly throughout the body? Limit the amount of sugar you consume to avoid this. The most important thing to remember from this is this. As a consequence, every organ's health starts to decline." – Dr. Jason Fung.

    Prediabetes is a condition that develops into type 2 diabetes, a disease that is highly harmful to the body and, in some cases, can even be fatal. Prediabetes develops before type 2 diabetes does. Why do some people get type 2 diabetes while others don't seem to be at risk? A diet with an abnormally high amount of sugar is the most likely cause of the problem.

    "Imagine that instead of a container, your body holds candies. Also, as time goes on, you tend to consume much more food without a matching increase in your metabolic rate, which is a common problem. Because of this, there has been a steady increase in the total amount of sugar accumulated. The situation is only going to spiral out of control in the not too distant future as it reaches a tipping point. When we talk about the diabetes of this sort, we are referring to the condition in its most basic form. Sugar has accumulated to such a high level in your body that it has begun to enter your bloodstream. This is a serious health risk." – said Dr. Jason Fung.

    How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Via Fasting

    Insulin injections are a standard treatment option for those with Type 2 diabetes, but, according to Dr. Jason, this kind of diabetes management can be damaging throughout a person's lifetime. Insulin does not remove the sugar that has unduly entered the body; rather, it only "crams" it back into the initial sugar bowl, which will soon fill once more. Insulin does not prevent sugar from entering the body. Insulin is not the solution to curing type 2 diabetes; instead, according to Dr. Jason, the treatment rests in removing the bulk of sugar from one's diet and providing enough time for the body to burn off the sugar:

    According to the physician, the remedy is not to continue adding more and more of [insulin] to make it work. It's possible that if you get rid of all that stuff, the problem will go away. Who can fix the problem by cutting back on or even getting rid of the quantity of sugar ingested? What needs to be answered now is, "How exactly do you go about achieving this goal?". That is the question that needs to be answered. You need to remember two things: don't take it in and give your body time to get rid of it through normal metabolic processes. – Dr. Jason Fung

    There are a lot of different approaches that you could take to accomplish this, such as going on diets, taking supplements, and so on; however, the one that is the most effective is combining intermittent fasting with a diet low in carbohydrates. That is the most successful approach. Dr. Jason attempted to convey this idea by using the analogy of driving to a gas station to fill up your automobile to illustrate his point. He asked me, "You don't make three daily trips to the gas station to fill up the tank, do you?" If you did so, the gas tank would be unable to carry more gasoline, and you would have wasted your money.

    intermadet fasting

    The speaker stated, "It's the same as the body." When you do this, all you do is put more sugar on top of the last portion you made. Instead, subject the creature to a period during which it does not take in sugar. And this is what benefits the body reaps from the practice of intermittent fasting. As a consequence of this, we were able to successfully reverse the condition of having Type 2 diabetes. Who were successful in doing so for three different people, and the outcomes of their respective treatments were gathered as a case series. They had diabetes for twenty years before our intervention, but we were able to reverse it in them only lately. To put it another way, we were able to change their diabetes. — Dr. Jason Fung

    Are you at risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes, or have you already been diagnosed? Do you know anyone else who likewise has this disease, or do you experience it yourself? Unfortunately, it has become increasingly common, but there is a good news to cheer about, which is that there is a way to prevent it from happening in the first place.Diabetes type 2 may cause significant damage to your internal organs, including kidney disease, an increased risk of heart attack, and a reduced lifetime; however, you do not have to allow this to happen to you to protect yourself from its effects. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have a conversation about the practice of intermittent fasting with your primary care practitioner to establish whether or not it is suitable for your requirements. And if you want to discover the nuances of intermittent fasting, I highly recommend that you check out Part One with Dr. Jason Fung, which describes the many ways that who may take it!

    Can Athletes Use Intermittent Fasting? 

    Can Athletes Use Intermittent Fasting?

    In spite of the fact that you do not have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, intermittent fasting can still be beneficial to your general health in several ways. These benefits include a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Dr. Jason recently published the book, The Cancer Code. Dr. Jason explores the benefits of intermittent fasting, including its ability to reduce the risk of acquiring cancer and other diseases.

    On the other hand, let's assume you're an athlete who has to complement the amount of physical activity you're doing with a diet high in calories to achieve your goals. If you want to enhance your health, would continue to practice intermittent fasting be of any value to you? I was interested in hearing Dr. Jason's thoughts on the following, so I questioned him about it:

    "You need to draw a line between the weekend athlete, the one who isn't at that very high level of competition, [and the professional athlete].". If you are one of these men who works out two or three times a week, then [fasting] is acceptable for you. Your body will take the calories it needs from your body fat if you don't eat, so [fasting] is appropriate for you. – Dr. Jason Fung

    Even if you regularly participate in mild to moderate physical activity, it is entirely OK to follow the practice of intermittent fasting. You can then lose fat at a more effective rate and at the same time make room for your muscles to grow which will make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. On the other side, if you are an athlete who competes at the highest level, there is a significant chance that you need those calories.

    Can Athletes Use Intermittent Fasting?

    "That's accurate, but the overwhelming majority of [elite athletes] don't have enough body fat to be able to survive [that type of fasting], am I right?

    Therefore, what we do there, and what we've done with many of the world's finest athletes, is that we educate them to discriminate between what they aim to achieve and what they're doing. That is something that we've done at our other facility as well. Therefore, it is impossible to speed up when the "on-season" is in place because of the increased competition. The process of doing this is not something that you can do quickly or easily. You are going to require an incredible amount of strength and stamina. – Dr. Jason Fung

    The following is the conclusion that you may draw for individuals who participate in sports: It is contingent on a variety of characteristics of your health, including your body type, the sport in which you participate, and a few others. It is essential to have a conversation with your primary care physician before commencing a routine of intermittent fasting. That is particularly important to do if you are an athlete who competes at a high level, as this is the case in most cases.

    Dr. Jason Fung’s Top Five Foods To Eat For A Healthier Life 

    Dr. Jason Fung’s Top Five Foods To Eat For A Healthier Life

    If you don't eat the right foods in the first place, it stands to reason that your results from intermittent fasting won't be as good as they could be. If carbs and sweets make up the totality of your diet, you can pretty well rule out the potential of seeing the results from intermittent fasting that you are hoping to see. That is because carbohydrates and sweets cause the body to store fat rather than burn it off. Considering the fact that the foods you eat directly affect your mental, emotional, and physical health, it is extremely important for you to have a solid understanding of the types of foods you should consume as well as the types of foods that you should avoid. That is because the meals you consume directly impact your mental, emotional, and physical health.

    When I have guests at The School of Greatness who are experts in the field of health, one of the things I always like to ask them is what their go-to meals are for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as the reasons behind their preference for certain foods. That is one of the things that makes me one of the greatest in the world. I questioned Dr. Jason with the same inquiry: "If you could only consume five meals, which would they be, based on your scientific research and the benefits they bring to the body?" According to him, the following information is what you need to know in response to your questions:


    1. Meat

    However, even though meat is the subject of much debate on both an ethical and an environmental level, according to Dr. Jason, it is one of the foods with the most significant number of nutrients out of all the meals that are now accessible. This controversy surrounds both the ethics and the environment of meat production. One of the points that he gives is similar to this one.

    Fish and chicken are, without a doubt, deserving of their position among the most desirable options. As you probably already know, [meats are] inherently considerably more complete sources of protein for humans than other meals since we are animals. Since of this, we rely on the proteins that are found in animals rather than the proteins that are found in plants because the proteins that are found in animals are of far better quality. – Dr. Jason Fung

    If you don't eat meat, you don't have to worry about not receiving enough protein or other vital nutrients because many alternative foods might fulfill that requirement in your diet!


    2. Beans

    Including beans in your diet is an excellent method to increase the amount of protein you consume, which is especially beneficial if you adhere to a vegetarian diet.

    "Beans have been consumed by humans for millennia, to the extent that individuals have survived primarily off of beans and other meals manufactured from beans. There have even been instances where people have lived off of beans alone." Therefore, it would be a source of exceptionally high-quality protein suitable for vegetarians, and it actually has the potential to be delectable. – Dr. Jason Fung

    3. Avocado

    Dr. Jason is particularly fond of eating a variety of fruits, and avocados are among his favorites among all of them.

    Because avocados are loaded with a wide variety of valuable nutrients and other things, I feel that they are the most well-liked fruit in the world. – Dr. Jason Fung

    In addition to having a high vitamin content, Avocados also contain amino acids. It has been demonstrated that these amino acids lower the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a range of other health disorders.

    Cauliflower and broccoli take the fourth spot on the list.


    Both cauliflower and broccoli are beautiful alternatives to create in place of a side dish rich in carbs. Cauliflower is exceptionally versatile in this regard. Because they are richer in nutrients and have a lower glycemic index than mashed potatoes or even rice, these two vegetables are much better for your body.

    5. Tofu

    Dr. Jason noted that tofu is one of his favorite meals, and he also mentioned that it is a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians. That was the last but certainly not the least of his comments. In addition to the many amino acids, it contains, tofu is a rich source of various essential minerals, including potassium, iron, and manganese.

    It is essential to remember that you won't realize the benefits of intermittent fasting to its full potential unless combined with a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutritious foods, such as those listed above. It is also essential to remember that you won't realize the benefits of intermittent fasting to its full potential unless it is combined with exercise. To take your health to the next level and guarantee that everything is working in your favor rather than against you, you must examine your health from a holistic point of view. That will allow you to progress your fitness to the next level.

    How to Live Longer And Fuller: Go Into Maintenance Mode

    How to Live Longer And Fuller: Go Into Maintenance Mode

    By eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and reducing the number of times we eat during the day, we can increase the likelihood of a long and productive life. Dr. Jason broke down the scientific material into a format that was easy for everyone to understand, which assisted us in making sense of it:

    The many directions our body might progress in can be loosely categorized into two groups. You can go into what could be called a growth phase, or you could go into a mode that focuses on cell repair and maintenance instead. Both of these phases are viable options for you. And the way that you do that is, of course, by reducing the amount of food you eat, and fasting plays a significant role in that endeavor as it helps you reduce the amount of food you eat. Because, to restate, you will trigger the nutritional detectors in your body into action the moment you consume food. You can get away with doing that if you are a young person or a youngster. On the other hand, if you were to compare it to a race car, wouldn't that be an accurate description? If you keep revving that engine, it won't last very long; however, if you crank that engine, you will move pretty quickly; however, if you keep revving that engine, it won't last very long. To extend the engine's life, you'll have to store it for a while if you want it to last long. – Dr. Jason Fung


    Dr. Jason's ability to use a wide range of metaphors is one of the things I admire most about him. Doesn't that make unequivocally, unquestionably perfect sense? The competition that is life is not a dash; instead, it is a marathon, and to win, we need to have the endurance to see it through to the end. Fasting for shorter periods at regular intervals can open the door to the possibility of living a longer life. According to Dr. Jason, "We're designed to eat till we're full, and then quit," which means we should stop eating when we are full. It is elementary for us to keep eating and stay eating without stopping for any reason since food is so readily available in our contemporary society. That makes it easy for us to do so. However, if we break up the time between our meals with periods of fasting, we may be able to return our bodies to the maintenance state they were in previously.

    The author states that as one age, one should want to "push themselves towards that longevity stage," which means eating less and completing more fasting. "As you get older, you want to push yourself toward that longevity stage," the author says. – Dr. Jason Fung

    Having a healthy, optimistic outlook on life is another aspect that contributes to our longer lifespan:

    intermadet fasting

    "Therefore, when people talk about pleasant attitudes and gratitude and community and being linked and all that sort of thing, it seems stupid, but really, it has a big effect on life and the quality of life and even on longevity," – Dr. Jason Fung.

    Although it can be challenging to research the connection between one's state of mind and physical well-being, an increasing number of people are concluding that those with more positive mental attitudes also tend to have healthier physical bodies. That is, even though research on this topic can be challenging. Dr. Jason explained that smiling causes your body to release hormones that strengthen your immune system and that if you're already in a good mood, those hormones will make you feel even better!

    "The immune system, which, when exposed to ongoing stress, eventually suffers from a decline in function, suitable?

    If you are under an abnormally high degree of mental or emotional pressure, your immune system will not perform as well as it would under normal circumstances. That might make you more susceptible to illness. Furthermore, the immune system is crucial in the overarching fight against cancer. – Dr. Jason Fung

    If you can take care of your mental and emotional well-being and physical health, you significantly increase the likelihood that you will live a longer and more happy life. That is especially true if you can take care of your physical health.

    Why You Should Listen To Dr. Jason Fung Podcast Episode Right Now

    Dr. Jason Fung Podcast Episode Right Now

    This interview was incredibly informative for me, and it is filled with many helpful tools and critical knowledge that you can use to enhance your health and live a longer life. I highly recommend checking it out.

    He can translate something challenging into something readily understandable and uncomplicated to analyze. For that, I would want to take a minute to acknowledge Dr. Jason Fung for the great analogies he utilizes. It can be tough to appreciate problems like cancer, obesity, and diabetes when dealing with the sickness. On the other hand, the fact that he can communicate straightforwardly and succinctly is of great assistance to the rest of us.

    The following is just another of Dr. Jason's definitions of genius that I think is wonderful:

    "I believe, you know, that one of the most critical aspects of greatness is the capacity to influence other people's lives positively. To be able to control somebody in such a way that they will be able to lose weight, or they will be able to cure their diabetes, or they will have a better understanding of cancer as a disease. " "I believe, you know, that one of the most critical aspects of greatness is the capacity to have a positive influence. As stated by Dr. Jason Fung, the ability to assist struggling individuals is a beautiful privilege.

    intermadet fasting

    Dr. Jason lives his life in a way that represents this idea. As a consequence, he has served as a source of motivation and enlightenment for a vast number of other people in a way that is positive and beneficial. It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast for a two-part chat, and I'm confident that I learned a lot of material that will be helpful to me personally due to the experience. If you haven't started this series yet, you should get on it right now and read the first book in the series.

    If you believe this interview has impacted you in any way, we would appreciate it if you would share your opinions. Tag Dr. Jason, whose account on Instagram is @drjasonfung, along with a picture from the episode and a summary of the most valuable lessons you took away from it.

    Always remember that the status of your health is not entirely out of your control and that Jason Fung intermittent fasting (Science Of Living Longer & Reversing Type 2 Diabetes) is something you should always keep in mind. To put yourself in a position where you have the upper hand in the scenario, you have access to choose from various strategies.