Compliant With The Mediterranean Diet Smoothies For Breakfast (10 minutes)

    Mediterranean Diet Smoothies

    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez
    Nutritionist/Dietitian Professional Guide

    Updated on 12/3/2022

    One of the healthiest things you can have for breakfast is oats and Mediterranean diet smoothies. They may be prepared in a short amount of time, provide a variety of advantages to your health, and provide sufficient satiety to prevent you from eating before lunch.

    The problem is that many of us feel guilty when we press the snooze button more than once. And before you know it, you will only have a precious few minutes to get dressed for work and go out the door. On the other hand, oats are often criticized for being uninteresting when consumed alone, which is a typical complaint. So, what little details can you add to them that will make them taste even better?

    Here's Our Oaty Berry Smoothie For You To Try

    Oaty Berry Smoothie

    This easy meal is ready in ten minutes and requires no cooking; in addition, it is loaded with nutritious ingredients, including:

    Oats. Most grains don't match their fiber and nutritional content, not to mention their abundance of beneficial fats and protein. They contain significant quantities of beta-glucan fiber, which has been associated with various positive effects on one's health. It has been proven that eating oats will:

    • Contribute to the reduction of "bad" LDL cholesterol and overall cholesterol
    • People with diabetes with type 2 should have better control of their blood sugar.
    • In turn, you will be able to lose weight more quickly if you feel fuller for a more extended period.

    Greek yogurt. If you want to reduce the amount of meat you consume, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice since it is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin B-12. However, you should go for plain yogurt rather than flavored kinds since flavored yogurt contains more sugar.

    Berries. You may choose any of them, and you can be confident that they will be rich in antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. They are associated with lower LDL cholesterol levels and other inflammatory indicators and a decreased risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, among other disorders.

    Berry Smoothie

    We've used blueberries and raspberries in this recipe, but you may try your hand at a variety of other berries to discover which ones you like.

    Although the honey is optional, you may find it a touch bland without, and it requires that sweetness. Natural honey is a much better choice than sugar since it has a lower glycemic index (GI) value, and GI classifies foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.

    This is something to consider while purchasing oatmeal too. Rolled oats have a GI of 55, while quick oats are 83. This implies that instant oats, also known as quick-cooking oats, cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, an essential factor for people with diabetes to consider. If at all feasible, you should stick with rolled or steel-cut oats.


    Oaty Berry Smoothie

    • 250 g frozen berries
    • 250 g Greek yogurt
    • 50 ml milk
    • 50 g oats
    • 2 tsp honey

    Are you interested in trying out our recipe for Mediterranean diet smoothies? Let us know what you think.