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    Weight Loss Injection

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    Updated on 1/30/2023

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      Patients will need to pay the total cost of the treatment out of pocket, which is anticipated to be more than $1,500. Weight loss injections are because most health insurance policies do not give coverage for the injection form of the branded drug.

      NEW ORLEANS — We know that some people have a more difficult time than others in removing additional pounds and keeping them off once they have achieved their desired weight. That is a challenge that many people face. When we told you about a new prescription being lauded as a game changer for weight reduction, however, not everyone was able to get their hands on it. The medication in question was called phentermine, and it was being called a "game changer" for weight loss.

      Utilizing local medical professionals' support allows a more significant number of individuals to have access to it at this time, which is why this action is being taken.

      Weight Loss Injection

      Ramsey Hare shared with us in February that on the day of her 30th birthday, she weighed 380 pounds, which was a significant rise from her previous weight. This information came from the fact that she had recently gained a lot of weight. You revealed this knowledge to her on the occasion of her reaching a significant birthday milestone. She realized she would no longer put herself through mental anguish and decided to stop doing so immediately.

      "Traveling on an airline, having to ask for a seatbelt extender, and just simple things like that, that emotionally was terrible," said Ramsey Hare, a Surgical Specialists of Louisiana nurse. "Traveling on an airline, having to ask for a seatbelt extender, and just simple things like that," she added. "Traveling on an airline and having to ask for a seatbelt extender, along with other basic things," she continued.

      She underwent bariatric surgery to have the size of her stomach decreased and her hormones adjusted, which enabled her to obtain her goal weight of 150 pounds. Her stomach was reduced in size by the surgeon. Then, around ten years later, she began receiving injections of reproductive hormones and steroids, both of which caused a significant increase in her weight and forced her to regain the weight she had previously lost. That happened after she had previously lost weight.

      "On top of that, it scared the living daylights out of me. I was petrified. "it brought back so many dreadful memories of grief and just the uneasiness," Hare recalls thinking about the incident after it had occurred. There is not a single thing in her closet that can be modified in any way to make it work. "when I got to work, I discovered that my scrubs didn't fit the way they were supposed to,"

      Weight Loss Injection

      Then she learned that there was a brand-new injectable medication available called Wegovy, which the FDA had approved, could be administered once a week and just required a single shot.

      "The process does not present any challenge at all. It does not hurt, and the fact that you completed it felt like nothing less than a miracle. In the first three weeks of the program, I lost a total of 18 pounds, and in the first three months of the program, I lost a total of 38 pounds. As a direct result of this, by the time the first half of the year ended, I had gained a combined total of 47 pounds, "remarked Hare.

      This hormone, insulin, is controlled by the drug, which in turn helps to lower appetite and the cravings that are connected with it. On the other hand, when we discussed Ramsey's experience on Weight Loss Wednesday, the medical professionals at Surgical Specialists of Louisiana received a deluge of phone calls from patients who were considering the procedure and were interested in learning more about it. These patients were calling because we had discussed Ramsey's story on Weight Loss Wednesday. Even though the once-weekly injections only cost $25 per month when covered by insurance, many new patients were denied coverage by their insurance providers. They could not afford the $1,500 to $1,700 monthly cost of the treatment. Even though the injections only cost $25 per month when covered by insurance, the average cost of the treatment is between $1,500 and $1,700 per month. Although the injections only cost $25 per month when covered by insurance, the average monthly cost of the treatment ranges between $1,500 and $1,700. That is, even though the injections only cost $25 per month when covered by insurance.

      Oh, it appeared they were in a dreadful state of agony. It looked like they were crying and writhing in pain. Very upset. "There was a handful that did get covered, but there were many more who did not get covered than there were that did get covered," stated Jamie Zepeda, a physician assistant at Surgical Specialists of Louisiana. "There were many more who did not get covered than those who did." "The number of people who were not covered was significantly higher than the number of people who were covered."

      Weight Loss Injection

      As a direct consequence, the medical specialists concluded that some kind of action was necessary. They found a compounding pharmacy that was able to provide their version of the weight loss medication known by its generic name. That allowed them to lose weight more quickly and effectively. They offered a supplement that contained one more vitamin than the standard dose. In addition, the payment that is needed every month is only $250, which is a comparatively minor portion of the total cost.

      "They are overcome with joy and grateful beyond all measure that an opportunity such as this has come their way, and they are unable to articulate their emotions in a manner that is any clearer. I have tried quite a few different medicines throughout my life, but none have been able to compare to the efficacy of this particular remedy. Even though adjusting one's diet is still necessary, this is the aspect that is relocating the center of attention. According to Dr. Buddy Leithead, a bariatric surgeon at Surgical Specialists of Louisiana, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery experience a significant reduction in their appetite and can successfully keep off the weight they have lost due to the procedure. That allows these patients to keep off the weight loss due to the system successfully.

      At the clinic, they assist patients in their efforts to reduce their body mass by performing a variety of medical and surgical treatments, in addition to making use of a wide variety of pharmaceutical agents. On the other hand, ever since the injection was released onto the market around one month ago at a more reasonable price, they have seen a significant increase in the number of medical patients they serve. The increase ranges from a factor of three to an aspect of five times the preceding figure.

      Weight Loss Injection

      "One of our patients came in today, achieving their goal of shedding seven pounds in just one month. She accomplished this by maintaining a balanced diet and regular physical activity. According to Zepeda, the patient has already shed seven pounds in the brief length of time that she has been on the drug, which is only one month, and the medication has only been in her system for that amount of time.

      People who have taken Wegovy have mentioned that it gave them a slight case of nausea; however, the inclusion of vitamin B-12 into the Semaglutide molecule is helping to lessen the severity of this unwanted side effect.

      The receptionist affirmed that their business does not get any phone calls that begin with the phrase "I'm sick to my stomach." Without Zofran, I would not be able to function. "If you were already on other medications, we would have to give Zofran in addition to other treatments because it acts in conjunction with the other meds. Due to the effectiveness of this treatment, there has been no need for us to, "Zepeda provided the clarification for us.

      When a patient brings their body mass index (BMI) down to a healthier level, the risk of getting a wide variety of chronic health illnesses that are often harmful reduces. That is because a lower BMI indicates a higher level of overall health.

      After going through treatment with this, a large majority of our patients have reported that they do not need any of the medications they had been using previously. It is not only a matter of reducing body fat but also of improving the functioning of your metabolism; therefore, focus on those aspects." Dr. Leithead is the one who made the discovery.

      Weight Loss Injection

      In addition, medical professionals believe that the outcomes you can attain via this drug are superior to those achieved through consuming the daily pills they had previously suggested. Drugs that have a history of producing symptoms such as a racing heartbeat, feelings of anxiety, and an inability to sleep well. Patients can now learn from Ramsey's experience and successfully shed a significant amount of weight without experiencing tremendous impacts on their bank accounts as a result of their weight loss. Patients can also learn from Ramsey's experience and successfully shed significant weight.

      The compounded medication is being used to treat not just adult males and females but also adolescents, with the permission of the parents of the patients. Initially, the weight loss injections compounded drug was designed to be used to treat adults.

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