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    Martin Alvarez
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    Updated on 1/30/2023

    Regarding apple cider vinegar, you might be forgiven for thinking that you've seen it all. It is used in a wide variety of recipes on Instagram, ranging from straightforward salad dressings to so-called "fat-burning" elixirs made by influential users. This is completely understandable. However, the material is currently being produced in yet another form, which is apple cider vinegar gummies.

    Imagine that your daily multivitamin gummy has been rethought to give the purported health advantages of apple cider vinegar instead. The ratio of apple cider vinegar in each serving is typically approximately 500 milligrams, which is roughly equivalent to a few tablespoons. However, the other components can vary from brand to brand. BeLive, for example, advertises that its recipe does not include any sugar, and Goli asserts that its recipe contains vitamins B9 and B12.

    The lure is quite apparent: the gummies are, in theory, a more pleasant way to include apple cider vinegar in your diet than, say, drinking the thing uncooked or ingesting the supplement in tablet form. This is because the gummies come in the shape of fruit-flavored candies. In point of fact, the exceptional flavor of Goli gummies is mentioned in a significant number of customer reviews on Amazon, in addition to receiving several additional compliments. Users believe that they have a wide range of advantages, including reducing bloat and suppressing hunger. But do they live up to the expectations that have been set for them?

    Acv gummies

    Both Marissa Meshulam, a qualified dietitian and the creator of MPM Nutrition, and Brigitte Zeitlin, a trained dietitian and the owner of BZ Nutrition, provide their thoughts on the most recent iteration of the apple cider vinegar (ACV) movement in the following two paragraphs.

    What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Eating Gummies Made With Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Before we get started, it's vital to keep in mind that apple cider vinegar in its raw, unfiltered form is very different from apple cider vinegar in its gummy form. Meshulam states that no study has been conducted on the gummies; thus, it is impossible for us to determine whether or not they are effective. The bottom line is that any potential health advantages connected with apple cider vinegar have not yet been tied to the genuine sort that comes in gummy form.

    Here is what we know about the most common claims made regarding apple cider vinegar when consumed as a drink or an oral supplement.

    Acv gummies

    Help You Drop Some Pounds.

    Apple cider vinegar is not going to be a miracle pill for weight reduction on its own. Still, according to Meshulam, it *might* offer you an edge if you are already working towards a weight-loss goal via adjustments in nutrition and activity. Some fascinating study has been done on this front, but a few qualifiers are attached to it, and more will be spoken about later.

    Improve The Health Of Your Digestive Tract.

    You may come across assertions that apple cider vinegar possesses either prebiotic or probiotic qualities. Just to review quickly: Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that live in your digestive tract and help keep your immune system and digestive health in excellent shape. In the meantime, those bacteria are "fed" by prebiotics.

    Acv gummies

    According to Meshulam, bacteria are produced during the fermentation process of apple cider vinegar. According to her, "however, in order for something to be labeled a probiotic, it must contain sufficient quantities of beneficial bacteria to produce a health benefit." We haven't been able to find the study to back that up yet. Even though apples have a high concentration of pectin, a type of prebiotic, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (approximately two gummies, but this can vary depending on the brand) most likely does not contain enough of the fiber to qualify as your daily dose of prebiotics, according to Meshulam. To put it another way, you should not rely solely on apple cider vinegar to support the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

    Nevertheless, it might be beneficial for digestion: According to a recent article by WH, the acetic acid that is included in apple cider vinegar can assist individuals with low levels of stomach acid in the process of breaking down meals. Additionally, according to Zeitlin, ACV can improve motility, which means that it keeps things moving in your gastrointestinal (GI) system.

    Support Your Immune System.

    immune system

    It is beneficial to your immune system to consume probiotics, as well as the prebiotics that help them thrive. Meshulam explains that beneficial bacteria have the ability to "nudge away" dangerous bacteria and that certain probiotics actually stimulate the creation of antibodies. However, you should not rely solely on apple cider vinegar to sustain these healthy bacteria.

    Fostering Good Cardiovascular Health

    In earlier research published in The British Journal of Nutrition, acetic acid was found to help reduce "bad" cholesterol in rats while simultaneously enhancing their levels of "good" cholesterol. Despite this, the research did not include any humans; thus, the findings should be interpreted with caution.

    Boost Your Energy

    According to Meshulam, apple cider vinegar does not contain any unique nutrients that should cause you to experience an increase in energy. She says that apple cider vinegar has the potential to deliver more constant power throughout the day by reducing spikes and falls in blood sugar levels. These spikes and crashes are what cause you to feel weary.

    Acv gummies

    Note that some manufacturers, such as Goli, Garden of Life, and Vitafusion, claim that their apple cider vinegar gummies provide anywhere from 100 to 250 percent of the daily recommended value for vitamin B12. Because a lack of vitamin B12 can lead to fatigue, using these supplements may help boost your energy levels if you have a B12 shortage. According to Zeitlin, however, this is not likely to be the case if you are someone who consumes goods derived from animals.

    Improve Your Skin

    According to Zeitlin, inflammatory skin conditions like acne and redness can be helped by the anti-inflammatory characteristics of apple cider vinegar (ACV). Your skin can reap the advantages of these features. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a way to improve the health of your skin, this is not the first thing you should do.

    Calm Your Stomach Acid Reflux

    Acv gummies

    According to research published by WH in the past, apple cider vinegar (ACV) may alleviate the symptoms of heartburn by lowering the pH of the stomach (due to the mild amount of acid it contains). However, the research that forms the basis of this assertion has not been published, nor has it been subjected to peer review. According to Harvard Medical School, no study in medical publications demonstrates that apple cider vinegar may safely or efficiently cure heartburn. Zeitlin notes that much of the information is anecdotal; therefore, the efficacy will depend on the person.

    Bring Down The Bloating


    According to Harvard Medical School, the exact cause of bloat cannot always be pinpointed; nevertheless, one of the possible culprits is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, which can lead to the production of gas-producing "bad" bacteria. According to Zeitlin, apple cider vinegar "creates an environment where beneficial bacteria are more prolific," and the good bacteria are responsible for killing the harmful bacteria.

    Purge Your Body Of Toxins

    Here is one of those statements that are in no way supported by the findings of modern scientific research. "The reality is, if you have a healthy and functioning liver and healthy and functioning kidneys, your body is naturally detoxing all day, every day on its own," explains Zeitlin. "This occurs on its own without any assistance from you." There is no need for you to take a supplement for this purpose.

    You may also come across assertions that apple cider vinegar may genuinely clear up your arteries, but let's be clear: these assertions are not founded in reality. According to the Harvard Medical School, there is a theory that a chemical linked to acetic acid can take metals out of the bloodstream, and as a result, consuming ACV may help dissolve the plaque that has formed in the arteries. However, as explained by Harvard Medical School, you should not put any stock in these untested assertions.

    Acv gummies

    This material was imported from another source, namely the poll. You might be able to locate the same content presented in a different manner on their website, or you might be able to get additional information there.

    Can You Lose Weight By Using Gummies Made From Apple Cider Vinegar?

    According to Meshulam, although there is some evidence relating the use of apple cider vinegar to weight loss, the relevant studies tend to include a minimal number of participants. One, for example, was conducted over the course of a year and a half and involved a total of 39 participants, and it was published in 2018 by the Journal of Functional Foods. Although all of the participants followed a diet with a calorie deficit, only some of them additionally ingested apple cider vinegar, and those participants had more weight loss.

    According to Meshulam, there are a few different methods by which consuming ACV might assist you in losing weight. One possible benefit of acetic acid is that it may help food remain in the stomach for a more extended period, enabling you to feel fuller for longer.

    lose weight

    The management of blood sugar is another factor that comes into play here. According to Meshulam, insulin is secreted in order to bring down our blood sugar levels whenever they reach dangerously high levels. Insulin is another hormone that sends the message to your body that it has plenty of food to choose from. Therefore, according to this idea, the release of this hormone that promotes fat storage is reduced in frequency if there is no consistent blood sugar spike.

    If you want to lose weight and the ACV gummies, in particular, the final verdict is that there is both good news and negative news to report. According to Meshulam, one of the positive aspects of these products is that they should include a sufficient amount of apple cider vinegar for them to be healthy. For instance, participants in some trials were asked to consume two tablespoons of ACV each day. That's equivalent to around four Goli gummies, but you can take as many as six. However, she also mentions that the taste of vinegar may be partially responsible for appetite reduction, which is something that you won't experience with a sweet gummy.

    To wit, there is no miracle drug (or, in this case, gummy). Both Meshulam and Zeitlin believe that adding apple cider vinegar to a diet that is generally unhealthy would not result in weight loss since what you eat is more important.


    If I Take ACV Gummies, Would I Have Any Adverse Side Effects?

    Another thing to focus on is that gummies have added additional components. According to Meshulam, "the gummies often come with a considerable quantity of sugar, in addition to a lot of different stabilizers and stuff to get them in that gummy shape." [citation needed] Her viewpoint is that it is better to maintain one's diet as uncomplicated as is practically possible, despite the fact that these items aren't necessarily hazardous or even terrible. In addition, the FDA does not regulate supplements, which means that we do not actually know everything that may be contained in them, as Zeitlin points out.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, apple cider vinegar, in general, can affect how the body responds to certain medications and supplements, such as insulin and diuretics. People who have diabetes should avoid consuming ACV products like this one since they have the potential to lower blood sugar. Similarly, pregnant or nursing women should also avoid taking these products.

    Before using any new supplement, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician.

    Acv gummies

    Should I Then Go Out And Purchase Some Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies?

    You may benefit more by saving your money. If you want to include apple cider vinegar in your diet, Meshulam and Zeitlin believe that the best way to do so is to purchase a bottle of the vinegar itself. "I would always, always, always go for the actual food version," Zeitlin adds, "because you know what is contained in it. "I would always, always, always select the actual food version."

    However, Meshulam warns that drinking a shot of raw apple cider vinegar might cause damage to the esophagus if you do so. Instead, if you are interested in introducing apple cider vinegar into a diet that is more beneficial for you, consider adding a few tablespoons to your salad dressing, marinades, or sparkling water.