Can You Chew Gum While Fasting

can you chew gum while fastin

Martin AlvarezByMartin Alvarez
Updated on 8/14/2022

It can be challenging to understand what kinds of foods and beverages are permitted while one is on a fast.

Specifically, you might be curious about whether or not chewing gum will break your fast.

This article takes a more in-depth look at the research. If can you chew gum while fasting also determines whether or not it has any benefits.

Calories are Present in Gum

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In general, the majority of varieties of gum have some calories.

For instance, one stick of traditional chewing gum contains approximately 11 calories, whereas one stick of sugar-free gum only contains six calories. Consuming even a single calorie during more severe forms of fasting, such as water fasting, will technically cause you to break your fast. This is especially true if you chew multiple sticks of gum daily or choose a type of sugar high in sugar.

One serving of certain varieties of bubble gum can contain as many as 30 calories, which can add up very quickly if you chew several pieces of gum throughout the day.

As a result, chewing one or two sticks of sugar-free gum daily is unlikely to significantly impact your fast results because wide other varieties contain very few calories.


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The majority of different types of gum contain calories. However, while chewing multiple sticks of sugary gum may cause you to break your fast, chewing one or two bars of sugar-free gum is not likely to have a significant impact on your ability to abstain from food.

Gum May Curb Your Appetite

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In certain studies, chewing gum effectively reduces feelings of hunger and appetite, which may be particularly helpful for people on a fast.

Their chewing gum for thirty minutes while participants were fasting resulted in an increase in satiety and a stabilization of levels of the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) hormone, which reduces appetite.

Another study found that chewing sugar-free gum for an hour reduced feelings of hunger during fasting and led to less consumption of food at the next meal. Chewing has been shown to minimize enthusiasm and attention to food-related stimuli, which may help prevent eating out of impulse.

As a result, chewing one or two sticks of gum during your fast may help reduce feelings of hunger and make it easier for you to maintain your brief.


Chewing gum has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger and appetite, benefiting people trying to fast.

The Effects of Insulin on Gum are Hardly Noticeable

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Insulin is the hormone responsible for moving sugar from the bloodstream into your body's cells so that it can be used as a fuel source.

Insulin levels tend to drop when people fast for an extended period. This may be especially true if you enter ketosis, a metabolic state when your body burns fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. Ketosis can be a helpful tool for people trying to lose weight, and ketosis is possible during longer fasts.

Some individuals think that the metabolic benefits associated with intermittent fasting are primarily attributable to the state of ketosis.

One study found that the insulin levels in 12 people who were fasting were unaffected by having them chew sugar-free gum for thirty minutes.

Many studies have shown that chewing gum does not affect insulin or blood sugar levels in the body. Since chewing gum is generally perceived as not breaking one's fast by people, it may be that chewing gum does not break one's fast.

He was chewing gum after a meal was tested in a separate study consisting of 59 women diagnosed with gestational diabetes and found not to affect blood sugar levels.

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However, remember that this may not apply to you if you chew multiple sticks of gum at once or select varieties of gum with a very high concentration of sugar that has been added.


Some studies suggest that chewing gum does not raise insulin or blood sugar levels, which indicates that it does not cause one to break their fast when they do so.

The Result

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Because sugar-free gum has such a small impact on insulin levels and because it contains so few calories, it is doubtful that chewing it will cause you to break your fast.

On the other hand, some forms of fasting are considerably more stringent and may forbid the consumption of any calories at all. Additionally, some varieties of gum contain a high amount of sugar and may cause one to break their fast, mainly if they chew multiple sticks of gum throughout the day.

If you decide to chew gum to help control your hunger and satisfy your cravings, choose sugar-free varieties and chew only a small amount at once Moderation is essential, and moderation is the key. From that, we know whether can you chew gum while fasting or not?