Can I Lose Weight With Forskolin?


    Martin Alvarez

    Martin Alvarez
    Nutritionist/Dietitian Professional Guide

    Updated on 1/30/2023

    It should not come as a surprise that many people in the United States use weight loss pills such as Forskolin, given that more than two-thirds of people in this country are overweight or obese.

    Forskolin gained a lot of popularity in particular due to the excellent comments Dr. Oz made about the supplement while he was hosting his television program.

    On the other hand, the scientific findings could not support the claims made regarding this well-known weight reduction drug.


    Listed below are some essential informational tidbits regarding Forskolin:

    • Forskolin is a substance that has seen a rise in popularity due to the widespread belief that it has the potential to assist in reducing extra body fat.
    • The plant Coleus forskolin is the source of the active component known as the Forskolin extracted from the plant.
    • One idea is that Forskolin can assist individuals in their efforts to reduce their body fat by causing an increase in the production of the enzymes known as lipase and adenylate cyclase.

    What Exactly Is Forskolin?

    The root of the Indian coleus herb, a member of the mint family, is the source of Forskolin. Forskolin is extracted from the heart of this plant. This herb is also referred to by its scientific name, Plectranthus. There are places in Thailand, Nepal, and even certain parts of India where you may find this plant growing wild.

    For an extended length of time, Forskolin has been employed in traditional medicine for the treatment of asthma and a number of other diseases; nevertheless, it is presently being touted as a weight loss supplement.

    What Exactly Is Forskolin?

    The Coleus Plant 

    A long time ago, Ayurvedic practitioners began using the coleus plant, indigenous to warm-climate parts of the world. Ayurvedic medicine is a branch of conventional medicine that you first practiced in the subcontinent of India, and it has gained widespread acceptance in western perspectives on health and welfare.

    Forskolin and the coleus plant have a long history of use as therapeutic medicines, traditionally employed to enhance one's general health and sense of well-being. At one point, Forskolin was also used as a therapy for asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

    When it was still in its original setting, the local people who lived there prepared tea out of the root of the coleus, which they drank to promote their overall health. Today, tea is no longer consumed. In today's world, one of the most typical applications for this product is in the form of a nutritional supplement intended to aid in weight loss.

    How Can Forskolin Aid In Weight Loss?

    Forskolin may stimulate weight loss by boosting the synthesis of enzymes known as lipase and adenylate cyclase, which break down fatty acids and increase the breakdown of fat. That may be the mechanism by which Forskolin works to reduce body fat.

    Because of the action of these two enzymes, fatty acids are liberated from the cells of the body. After the fatty acids have been discharged into the atmosphere, they are available for utilization as a potential source of fuel. When fatty acids are burnt, there is a potential that the body will shed fat without diminishing the amount of lean muscle mass it possesses. That is because fat is a more dense form of energy than lean muscle mass.

    How Can Forskolin Aid In Weight Loss?

    Unfortunately, this method does not consider the requirement of a calorie deficit for one to experience weight loss. If one intends to reduce body fat percentage, this is a prerequisite. To put it another way, for an individual to get the desired outcomes in terms of weight reduction, they will need to burn more calories than they take in through the consumption of food and drink. If this does not occur, the person will not notice any reduction in their body weight.

    Even though taking Forskolin may theoretically boost the body's ability to burn fat, this would be of little help if you did not use a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain a calorie deficit.

    Studies On The Efficacy Of Forskolin

    The research results on the connection between taking Forskolin and achieving weight reduction are all over the place.

    Although a study conducted on a small sample of overweight and obese men found that Forskolin dropped their body fat, the supplement had very little influence on the participants' overall weight, indicating that Forskolin did not cause any significant weight loss. In addition to this, it has the effect of increasing the amounts of testosterone in their bodies. A correlation exists between having more essential parts of the hormone testosterone, a lower body mass index, and the capacity to maintain a healthy weight.

    There was a wide range of findings that came from the various investigations that you carried out. For one hundred twenty-five days, twenty-three overweight women took part in a research study in which they were given Forskolin in dosages of 250 milligrams (mg) twice daily. The duration of the trial was one hundred and twenty-five days. The results of the studies showed that using Forskolin did not aid the women in accomplishing the weight reduction objectives they had set for themselves. On the other hand, it seemed as though the supplement minimized the impacts of any future weight gain that may have occurred while they were taking it. That was the case even though they continued to take it.


    As a result, it would be exaggerating the possible advantages of taking Forskolin to say that doing so would result in a considerable and long-lasting drop in body weight. Forskolin is not the miraculous weight reduction answer that some supplement marketers and television medical personalities claim it to be; nonetheless, research shows that it may prevent weight growth or enhance testosterone levels in males. These benefits are only seen in men. Forskolin is not a weight reduction remedy that can be purchased over the counter, despite the facts shown here.

    What Are Some Of The Potential Applications For Forskolin?

    Forskolin may have catapulted to the forefront of the public mind after getting acclaim for its capacity to aid people in losing weight. Still, it may also have other potential applications, which scientists are currently studying. Forskolin has been shown to help individuals lose weight. The following are some examples of future uses of this technology:

    • Addressing the issue of asthma symptoms and conditions
    • Dealing with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer
    • Improving the cardiac function of people who are suffering from congestive heart failure
    • Glaucoma treatment administration and management
    • Reducing the person's blood pressure down to a healthier level
    • Encouraging one to get a tan

    What Are Some Of The Potential Applications For Forskolin?

    The scientific community has conducted a limited number of studies on the effect of forskolin on animal cancer. The results of those studies have revealed that it may have a favorable impact. The fact that there has been no study done on people about this subject indicates that the findings of these studies are, at best, inconclusive. There has been no research done on humans regarding this issue.

    If you want to try forskolin, you may get it over the internet from several retailers. However, you must consult with a trained medical practitioner before using this or any other type of dietary supplement.

    Risks And Benefits

    The great majority of people familiar with weight loss pills are also familiar with the many warnings accompanying these supplements, and that is because these warnings are so common. Forskolin, on the other hand, looks to be a risk-free dietary supplement compared to a decent number of the other nutritional supplements available on the market.

    Numerous weight loss drugs have been proven to affect how the heart works. These effects manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including an increase in blood pressure and activation of the tissue that constitutes the heart. Forskolin is digested differently by the body compared to other weight loss supplements. As a result, most experts agree that it does not interact with the cardiovascular system as other weight loss supplements do. Forskolin can help people lose weight by increasing their metabolism and decreasing their appetite.

    Risks And Benefits

    Even though there are no known drug interactions with forskolin, this does not mean that using forskolin supplements does not come with any potential health risks.

    It is unusual for manufacturers of weight loss pills to exclude extra information about potentially dangerous ingredients they include in their products. Because of these marketing strategies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States advises customers not to buy a significant number of the weight reduction pills currently available on the market. These pills are presently being sold in a variety of different forms.

    In addition, there have been cases of acute poisoning in Europe due to the use of products containing forskolin; the origin of these poisonings is unknown but may have been the result of contamination. These poisonings occurred after the consumption of products containing forskolin.

    The Food and Drug Administration does not monitor dietary supplements and herbs, so there might be issues with the purity, quality, or dosage of these products. Consequently, it is vital to practice the utmost caution if utilizing any of these goods.


    The following individuals should not use forskolin due to the likelihood that it could cause harmful effects in their systems, in addition to the risks given by the probability that it will be contaminated:

    • People who are afflicted with illnesses that are connected to their kidneys
    • Those who have blood pressure readings that are within safe ranges
    • People who have been prescribed medication to lower either their blood pressure or their heart rate
    • Persons who are reducing their blood volume with the use of medication


    Forskolin is not a miracle drug that will help you lose weight without changing your lifestyle. There is no substitute for maintaining a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

    If a person is engaging in regular physical activity and adhering to a diet that is both nutritious and low in calories, but they are still not losing weight, it is highly recommended to consult their primary care physician. Forskolin is not likely to be one of the ways advised for assisting with weight loss that a competent medical practitioner offers. Instead, forskolin is expected not to be one of the methods indicated for helping with weight loss.