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Updated on 3/3/2024
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What should you make for dinner when you don't have much time? Pasta is the solution, and in this article, you'll find more than ten delicious quick pasta recipes that may be ready in only 15 minutes.

They require minimal effort but nevertheless manage to be mouthwatering and brimming with flavor. They are almost entirely free of animal products and are very easy on the wallet. Recipes are absolutely amazing but just call for a few simple ingredients, such as olive oil, fresh or canned tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, frozen peas, mushrooms, herbs, and garlic. Garlic can be used!

These quick and easy pasta dishes have flavor, convenience, ease of preparation, and more. I enjoy cooking simple and inexpensive meals and sharing ideas that help people save time and money. And if you're looking for simple pasta dishes that take little time and only require a few ingredients.

Who's up for a mouthwatering meal of flavorful pasta?

1. The Spaghetti With Garlic And Olive Oil (Aglio E Olio)



One of the best fundamental pasta recipes ever created is called "Aglio e olio." Olive oil, garlic, and chili flakes are the three ingredients needed to make a deliciously straightforward Italian pasta meal. To put it simply, less is more.

2. Cream Cheese Pasta

In a mixing bowl, you can make regular spaghetti into something delectable by combining garlic-infused olive oil, cream cheese, parmesan, and freshly ground pepper. It doesn't get much simpler than this when it comes to enjoyable stuff!

3. Italian Pasta With Peas



This recipe for Italian pasta with peas is a straightforward one-pot dish that is simple, creamy, and delectable, and it only requires five components. You can use either fresh peas or the more handy frozen peas; utilize whichever option makes your life simpler. It's as simple as that!

4. Easy Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Mix together some creamy ricotta, parmesan cheese, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and a refreshing lemon for one of my favorite quick pasta dishes. The sauce does not require any cooking. Your sauce for the pasta is now ready; it was simple, it was fresh, and it was absolutely mouthwatering.

5. Creamy Pasta With Spinach And Parmesan



Another great recipe for quick pasta; it's chock full of spinach, and it only takes a little under 15 minutes to prepare from start to finish. A delicious dinner option for the whole family on weeknights.

6. Quick Pasta And Zucchini

This tasty pasta dish with zucchini may be made in approximately 15 minutes and calls for only five ingredients. A straightforward dish transforms a large quantity of zucchini into an excellent meal for the whole family.

7. Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad



The above recipe is for you if you're looking for a quick and easy pasta salad with a small number of components. A pasta salad packed full of flavor and brimming with juices, created with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil. Simple yet delicious in every way.

8. Italian Marinara Sauce And Spaghetti

A flavorful and colorful Italian marinara sauce is the perfect way to utilize canned tomatoes to their full potential. There are only five inexpensive cupboard items needed, and it is ready to eat in twenty minutes. One of my go-to recipes for making spaghetti in a hurry!

9. Quick Garlic Mushroom Pasta



Your run-of-the-mill spaghetti gets elevated to the next level because of the pungent aroma of garlic and the strongly flavorful gravy that the mushrooms contribute. If you enjoy strong, robust flavors and meals that can be prepared in under 15 minutes, this is the recipe for you.

10. Pasta With Walnuts And Sauce

In order to make this simple pasta dish, all you need to do is combine some walnuts with some parmesan cheese, garlic, a splash of olive oil, and a piece of bread soaked in milk. It's that simple, and you won't believe how well this velvety and savory sauce coats your pasta once it's in your mouth!

11. Pasta Salad With Lemon And Tuna



Forget about making boring spaghetti with tuna from a can; this easy recipe is going to change the game. This tuna pasta salad is bursting with flavor thanks to the zest and juice that, when combined with olive oil and garlic, make it so delicious that you just can't get enough of it.

12. Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Pasta, ricotta cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes give this dish its rich taste, and the preparation time for this dish is minimal. It's a match made in heaven: so convenient and so delectable at the same time.

13. Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca



The anchovies, capers, and olives in this dish provide a great hot taste to the beautiful bowl of pasta that we have here. Another simple and inexpensive pasta dish to prepare in under an hour.

One of my favorite food is pasta, and I grew up eating it practically daily. Italy is my homeland, and my mother is the quintessential example of an authentic Italian woman; hence, pasta was our family's go-to staple food growing up.

Is Pasta Good For You?

YES. Pasta is not only an inexpensive pantry staple, but it also has the potential to be part of a balanced diet; all that is required is that it be consumed in moderation.

In addition, moving from white pasta to whole grain pasta will provide you with more natural fiber and minerals.

Fiber is an essential component of any diet because of its ability to regulate blood sugar levels and suppress appetite.

WHAT Sort Of Pasta Is Most Delicious?



When shopping for pasta, it is important to carefully read the ingredient label and select durum wheat semolina pasta that was probably produced with brass or bronze dies. Naturally, you should cook it till it has a bit of bite to it!

The premium quality pasta may be a little more expensive than the basic kind, but it is more durable, has a more substantial texture, and nicely retains sauces. Yes, brand names do make a difference, and even if you are cooking on a tight budget or are pressed for time, you still deserve a great dish of pasta that is bursting with flavor!

Looking For More Pasta Recipes?

Here are some additional delectable pasta recipes that are quite straightforward and can be prepared in less than half an hour:
The day you get home from a long day and decide that pasta is what you feel like eating for dinner, these simple pasta dishes will save your life.

10 Quick Pasta Recipes



You'll find more than ten tasty, quick pasta dishes here, each of which can be prepared in under 15 minutes. They require very little effort but nevertheless manage to be mouthwatering and brimming with flavor. They are almost entirely suitable for vegetarians, can be prepared in a flash, and do not break the bank. Ready?

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • The time to cook: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Course: pasta
  • Cuisine: Italian


  • Pasta (regular or whole grain pasta)

spaghetti, linguine, bucatini, penne, fusilli…

  • Vegetables

Tomatoes, peas, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, lemons, and basil are just a few of the ingredients.

  • Flavor Base:

Ingredients include garlic, onion, chili flakes, black pepper, and salt, along with olive oil.

  • Parmesan, ricotta, and cream cheese are all layered together.




  • Pick your favorite recipe.
  • Cook your pasta till al dente.
  • Make your quick pasta sauce or pasta dressing.
  • After adding the pasta, give the sauce a good spin to incorporate everything.
  • You can serve it with some freshly ground black pepper and a dab of olive oil if you prefer and enjoy.